you have come so far.

I’m going to be the first one to say Facebook memories S U C K .

Life is full of the unexpected . It will make you laugh , cry , celebrate , mourn , sing , dance , forgive , hate & reflect . 3 years ago today , i was celebrating a birthday for a friend , i called my husband to come pick me up (being responsible) because i had drank too much that night & he flew off the handle because i ruined his boys night . I WAS HIS WIFE ? It baffles me that i managed to love someone who didn’t even care if i was safe & treated me so f*cking bad all the time . Today , if i needed my boyfriend to come get me , he would rearrange his whole night to make sure i got home safe . It really makes a difference when you actually care about the life & safety of your significant other .

To be clear – when my husband showed up with his friends to take me home , he ended up staying & drinking as well . All of that anger towards me JUST to have a good time with your friends anyways ? So much hate . The marriage was a joke anyway so i’m honestly surprised we lasted as long as we did .

I just want to take a moment to appreciate my boyfriend who has been my absolute ROCK since before day one ! We built the strongest foundation for our relationship & i am so excited to conquer life with him .