Have you ever had those neighbors , where everything they do drives you up the wall ? I know the feeling ! I have been at my current residence for almost 2 years now & they have gotten worse . They are not the worst neighbors i’ve ever had , but they are up there .

Let me explain . They have 2 teen boys ( i believe one is actually an adult but still very young looking ) . Their boys have SOOOO many friends that come over almost every single night . 90% of the visitors parking is taken & almost all the space in front of the surrounding homes are as well . One of their guests in particular , parks their truck the wrong way in front of my house , as close to blocking my driveway as possible & leaks oil all over the street . I did finally get fed-up with not being able to park in front of my own house & seeing the oil all over the street , so i mentioned something to one of the sons asking if he could have him move & he was so cool about it . (the friend wasn’t very happy but i really didn’t care) . Lately the mother has been parking in front of my house , but actually blocking part of my driveway . Now granted it’s only about a foot , but REALLY ? How stupid do you have to be ? She does it because they have a boat that they move in & out of their garage & she doesn’t want me to park there & prevent them from getting the boat out . Because that’s so much easier than just asking me to stay clear of that spot for the weekend . Between the entire family & friends that come over constantly , there are about 8 vehicles & a boat that belongs to them .

It’s to the point of me wanting to call the police service aids & have them warned or cited , since having any decency & consideration for their neighbors is not a quality that they possess . I have contacted the HOA but being it’s a holiday weekend i’m not expecting a response til at least tuesday .

So , aside from their sh*tty parking , the teen boys are constantly partying with their parents at their house & drinking & driving . Their mom dresses like she’s stuck in 2008 wearing Fatal Clothing & tall socks & it’s just embarrassing . Apparently it means more to fit in with your kids & their friends than actually be a responsible parent .