S t a r t i n g O v e r .

Since the last time I posted I was still getting over my ex husband , tried meeting new men & tried to take ahold of my life . I had started dating this guy , we were together for about 6 months . The entire time I felt like I was forcing him to take the next step , (becoming my boyfriend, allowing me to talk about him with people other than my family, going on dates, etc) . At first I appreciated the fact that he didn’t air our dirty laundry , but after a few months that got really old . I felt like he was hiding something .

With that being said , I had to seek out some help from an expert . I have a friend who is about one step under a P.I. , it is insane . I was telling her about how he & I were & she didn’t think it sounded right how he was acting . So , with a little digging , she discovered he was married with a wife & kids .

It honestly broke me knowing the man I was dating already had someone he loved & cherished & still needed more . He knew the torture I went thru with my ex husband & he chose to take advantage of that .

I cried . A lot . But I never let it negatively change how I felt about relationships (thank god) . I just really had to put in perspective about what kind of man I wanted in my life & knew what signs to look for next time I dated someone .


& P. S . – – – We did end up reaching out to his wife & she decided to stay with him . (This wasn’t the first time he did this) .