My Healthy Journey *

Recently I’ve come to the decision that I need to take better care of myself. I’ve been going thru pictures and noticing how much weight I’ve gained ESPECIALLY in my face . It’s a horrible feeling knowing I look this way and I didnt even realize i got this big . I weigh 176 lbs currently , and my goal is to lose about 15 pounds in fat and start toning my body . I have always had a double chin in my photos and I’m tired of it ! I would love to have a defined jawline & I’m willing to work hard for it . I’ve started a teatox and I’m hoping it removes some sludge that’s been sitting in my stomach for a while & helps me feel more energetic . Below are some recent photos of me at a baby shower and it’s at the peak of my weight gain.

Luckily with my teatox there are detox water recipes, a fitness plan & meal recommendations that I can follow . Are there any recommendations that you have for exercises you have used? Feel free to tell me about them!