The Most Pointless Post Yet .

Do you ever take silly candids & you’re just like “Yessss I’m finally like one of those instagram photographers!” ? I sure do . Not that this photo is even that great . But I just thought I would share my 2 favorite things in this world (next to my husband and his dog) .

Chipotle & my Mac Book Air .

My usual I get from Chipotle is : A salad w/pinto beans , steak , mild sauce (it’s not pico) , veggies , corn, guac (occasionally when I’m feeling extra) & extra lettuce on top so the tin foil doesn’t get stuck . I don’t typically get their dressing they make because it’s so acidic . I have gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD’S) so it makes eating a lot of items difficult .

What are some of your chipotle favorites ? I’d love to hear suggestions !