Just keep on keepin’ on.

Currently I am in what’s called a “newbie” phase .. trying to figure out how to maneuver this site, all while staying consistent and clear.. HOWEVER :

Something I am attempting to come to terms dandelionswith is that we have little control over how some things play out in life . But, what we do have massive control over, is our reactions to the situations. Honestly , it is easier said than done to remain calm in a stressful situation . I will be the first to say, I overreact about damn-near everything . I didn’t necessarily have too many role models that were able to demonstrate calm behavior in tough times, so naturally I took after those whom I was in direct contact with .

Unfortunately , the saying “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks” does come into play here.

I would like to say I have enough control over my life to where I can temporarily alter my behavior , my feelings , and my actions , but again , that is temporary . I sometimes find myself in a fit of rage , wanting to hate anyone and anything around me (in that moment) . After my “episode” I do try to sort the mess out ; try to think about “What caused me to be so mad and let go of any self-control I was hanging onto?” Though , sometimes I do not have an answer to that questions , I am at least trying to reflect on my actions .

What are some tips you’ve taken away from blogging that you’d like to recommend to beginners? Or what are some stress management that may benefit me in the long run , at this point in my life? I’d love to read any comments below 🙂 .